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Under Illinois statutes (750 ILCS 5/602), when the courts approve a visitation agreement, it is guided first and foremost by the best interest of your child. In deciding a divorce, separation, or child custody case, it is generally considered best that both parents remain involved in the minor child’s life. If there is any possible danger to the child's physical, mental, moral, or emotional health, the court may require supervised visitation or deny visitation rights. If you are seeking visitation with a minor child, being denied visitation, or having your visitation rights impeded, Mulyk Laho Law, LLC is an experienced visitation law firm that can protect your rights. We can develop with you the petition for a viable visitation agreement or request a modification to an agreement that best serves you and your child, just as we have done for other visitation clients in Glen Ellyn and the communities in and around DuPage County.

Family Law Attorneys Handling Visitation Petitions

When parents separate and there is cooperation and goodwill on the part of both parties in a visitation arrangement, the child is the beneficiary. Illinois law defines visitation as in-person time spent with the child’s parent. Under certain circumstances, it may provide for visitation through the use of electronic communications, such as cell phone or computer aided FaceTime and Skype, to make contact with a child. For continuity and stability in the child’s life, in addition to the non-custodial parent, the court may approve visitation for other relatives and individuals with special ties, including:

  • Siblings;
  • Grandparents;
  • Great-grandparents;
  • Stepparents; and
  • Other individuals especially connected to the child.

Modifying or Discontinuing Visitation

If circumstances arise during visitation that threates the wellbeing of your child, you can petition the court for a modification. Causes for a visitation modification include:

  • The child is endangered by the living arrangement of the non-custodial parent;
  • Regular obstruction of visitation times;
  • Impeded visitation due to an out-of-state move;
  • The child's well-being is threatened by the home’s physical environment;
  • The presence of a drug, alcohol or substance abuser; or
  • The presence of a child abuser or sex offender.

Contact the Illinois Child Visitation Attorneys

Mulyk Laho Law, LLC are well-respected lawyers with a record of strong advocacy for parent and children’s rights. If you need to petition for visitation before the Illinois courts, we will work diligently to support your rights to have the in-person time with your child that you both deserve. If you need us to mediate a visitation agreement, petition the courts for a modification to your agreement, or you want to exercise your right as a relative to visitation, we can take you through the appropriate process to get you the most favorable results. Contact us at (630) 852-1100 for an initial consultation. Our family law, divorce, and child custody attorneys serve clients in DuPage County and the communities in the Chicagoland area.

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