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Parental Alienation

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When one parent leads a child to feel strong dislike and express hatred for the other parent, making contact from the rejected parent difficult or impossible, the action constitutes what Illinois law refers to as parental alienation (also described as Parental Alienation Syndrome or PAS). Illinois courts are always guided by the best interest of the child when deciding custody, child support, visitation, or any accommodation for a minor child caught in the often contentious circumstance of separating parents. If you are being alienated from your child, your rights (including Fathers' Rights) can be protected. With the help of the experienced attorneys at Mulyk Laho Law, LLC, a petition can be filed with the courts that will help put a stop to this abusive behavior. We have successfully represented clients who have suffered parental alienation throughout DuPage County and its surrounding Illinois communities.

How Can You Stop Parental Alienation?

A parent at war in a divorce and child custody battle stoops to a real low when contriving to alienate a child’s affection from the other parent. When a minor child is caught up in a contentious parental breakup and starts taking one parent’s side against the other, the result is harmful to the child and the rejected parent. Deliberately waging a campaign to undermine, diminish, and sabotage a child’s healthy relationship with an ex-spouse, is frequently motivated by:

  • Jealousy over a new love in the life of the ex-spouse;
  • Revenge for rejection of divorce or separation;
  • Anger and dissatisfaction with their single life; or
  • Discrediting the target parent to improve personal bid for custody.

An ex-spouse who conducts a denigration campaign with your child precipitates alienation through a wide range of actions, including:

  • Limiting or cutting off communication with your child;
  • Lying to your child about your affection and desire for contact;
  • Routinely blocking visitation;
  • Systematically indoctrinating, programing, and brainwashing your child with negative characterizations; 
  • Unjustly vilifying you to your child; and
  • Moving your child to go along with them and contribute to your vilification.

Illinois courts have consistently ruled in favor of the target parents when they are able to prove that the alienating behavior was an attempt to justify a modification of custody. A qualified family law and divorce attorney is a great asset to assist you with your parental alienation case.

Get Legal Help From a Family Law Attorney

Our specialized family law and child custody attorneys at Mulyk Laho Law, LLC know the value of a positive relationship with a custodial child cannot be understated. It is frustrating to have court-approved visitation and interaction with your child thwarted by alienating actions. We have repeat referrals from clients whose rights to a harmonious relationship with their child have been restored. When we represent you in your parental alienation case, our goal is to use the force of law to help you reestablish your rightful place in the life of your child. Contact our Glen Ellyn office to arrange an initial consultation.

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